Friday, March 23, 2007

Our morning routine

I love our morning routine.

Around 6AM we gently wake the girls. They pull the blankets over their heads and generally tell us to buzz off. We persist until they sit up in bed.

COlleen picks up Emnet and I pick up Meron. We gently sing "Good Morning to you. Good morning to you. We're all in our places with bright smiling faces" as we carry them downstairs into the bathroom.

After dispensing with personal business, they immediately want to take a bath. The girls thoroughly enjoy the bath tub - dunking their heads, washing each others backs, singing songs in Amharic the whole time. One of their favorites is a song their Aunt used to sing while doing the laundry. "Koshasha koshasha. Ya bah teh lay no" (loosley translate means It's dirty It's dirty and that's why I wash it) Hey, we can't all be Elvis.

Then we pull them out of the tub, rub them down with cocoa butter, do their hair, and head upstairs to dress. We usually have 3 outfits displayed for each child and they choose which one to wear that day.

Then we go downstairs for breakfast, and Meron says this short little blessing in Amharic. It is so cute.

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Kelly said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying reading about your life with your daughters! Wyndee says they are just beautiful girls! Please do continue this blogging - it will be such a treasure for the girls later on in their life. You should think about making it into a book eventually. :)