Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brown eyed girl

Each night when we put the girls to bed they ask me to tell them a story. The story can be about any wacky abstract thing. Tonight I was asked to tell a story about everybody's (in our family) favorite colour.

Marin has about six of them, and Emmy about eight, and I had to make up a story about each colour.

When it was my turn to talk about my favorite colour, I said "the colour of Mama's eyes", in a lame attempt to make up for a verabl transgression earlier in the evening.

Dead silence. I hear Colleen muffling her laughter in her pillow. Then Marin erupts, flashes me the angriest eyes, and demands "Why not me? Why not my eyes? You not lika me? You hate me Daddy? Why you say Mama's eyes and not my eyes?" There was no consoling her; and believe me, I said every apology I could think of.

And the whole time I hear Emmy in the background, trying to make sense of what just happened, asking "What Daddy say? What's happen? Why Meron crying? What Daddy say?" Which only made Marin even more upset.

I pity the guy who two-times Marin. He may not live.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Always pressing my buttons

Marin has been using the phrases "That's weird" and "You're weird" quite a lot lately. Today I asked her where she learned this and she told me it was Madelyn (a kindergardener).

I asked Marin whether Madelyn calls her weird and Marin said "No Madelyn called Mrs. Whynot (the teacher) weird" . I just looked at her and Marin said "Yes, Daddy. Madelyn called Mrs. Whynot weird and had to go to the Principals office."

I said "Marin, I don't ever want to hear about you going to the Principals office, right?" Marin said "I already did." Of course, I did not believe her and asked her to tell me the story.

Marin said
"All the kids were noisy and playing rough. Mrs. Whynot was getting very very angry. Then Mrs. Whynot said 'Marin. You come to the front of the class right now because you are going to the Principals office.' "

Now I'm thinking "Crap, this sounds for real." and I asked Marin why Mrs. Whynot wanted her to go to the Principals office.

Marin gave me this wise guy grin and said "because I was the only kid sitting quietly and Mrs. Whynot wanted to give me a sticker."

First Christmas

It was perfect.

For Christmas Eve the girls wore beautiful red dresses, white tights, and black shoes. We had dinner at Aunt Joy & Uncle Vinny (long family tradition) and later visited the Pompeo cousins (new family tradition). The girls did not hit the pillows until 11PM. That was a blessing because they slept in Christmas Day until 8AM.

Finally, Colleen and I were worried they may never wake up, so we tiptoed in to check on the girls. Marin was lying on her back, eyes bulging, and this glorious look of anticipation in her face. She whispered "Did Santa come to my house?" And we told her yes. She asked "Did Santa eat the cookie I made for him?" And we told her yes. Now, barely containing her excitement, Marin asked "Did he drink my milk, too?" And we told her yes.

Marin could not wait for Emmy to wake up, so we took her down to see the tree and presents. She took a quick look around, smiled with satisfaction, and announced matter of factly that we must go wake up Emmy immediately. So we did. Emmy was cranky and wanted to sleep, but Marin finally persuaded her to join us downstairs.

The girls got sleeping bags, a LeapFrog computer, a beautiful maple toybox, and clothes, games, food and candy. It was not an expensive Christmas, but no matter, the kids were overjoyed.

Christmas Day went smooth as silk. Colleen's side of the family joined us late morning for gift exchange and mid day meal. They left about 2PM when we put the kids down for a rest. We woke the kids around 4PM, just in time for Leo's side of the family to join us for another gift exchange and the evening meal.

I know life has a way of throwing curve balls just when you think you have it figured out - but man - we are so pleased with the way we put this Christmas together and we think we have the model for the future.

Merrrrrrry Christmas everybody.