Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's the Economy stupid

This morning I was reading one of my business magazines. Marin (age 6) strolls by and asks "Daddy, what are you reading?" I told her I was reading about the economy.

"Oh, that, conomy. I know all about that." she said.

I asked "Marin, tell me what you know about the economy."

Marin "It's really boring."

Christmas morning

Marin calls to us from her bed. When we go in to see her, she just turns over and closes her eyes as if to fall back to sleep.

Colleen and I look at each other like "Wow, did she forget this is Christmas?"!

Then Marin, eyes still closed, asks "Did Santa leave us presents last night?"

US "Yes"

Marin "But he didn't come in the house, right?"

US "Right, Marin, he stayed out in the cold living room

(We call the family room over the garage the cold living room because we heat it only from Thanksgiving to Christmas and, otherwise, close it off and shut it down. Our kids are still terrified of any strangers coming into our house. From what they tell us, they had some bad experiences with intruders beating their families in Ethiopia.)

Marin "Are you sure Santa did not come in our house? He scares me."

US "Marin, we promise, Santa and all the elves stayed out in the cold living room."

Marin breaks into this wide grin, wakes up Emmy, and we all head downstairs to the cold living room to unwrap presents.

The Inquisition

We attended a large family Christmas party a few weeks ago and Santa was a surprise guest. After all the children had an opportunity sit on his lap and pose for photos, Marin and Emmy approached him.

They just stood there, staring, jaws agape. Then the questions.....................

  • Where is Rudolph?
  • What do you feed him?
  • How does he stay warm?
  • How does his nose get red?
  • Does he need batteries?
  • Where is Mrs. Claus?
  • Why is she not here right now?
  • Are you nice to her?
  • Do you remember when you saved Frosty from the bad magician? I saw that on TV.
  • Why are you not green like the mean Santa (the Grinch).

and on and on and on

It was hilarious. The kids were dead serious. And Santa started looking around for help like one of those felons on Cops or something. Marin and Emmy are getting ready for a career in journalism on 60 Minutes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Singer Songwriter

Emmy is very creative with words. A few nights ago I overheard her singing this little ditty to herself in the back seat.

When the car breaks............I want to buy a vaa-aaann.
When the car breaks............I want to buy a vaa-aaann.

Do you really want a van? Yes I do!
Do you really want a van? Yes I do!

What color will it be? Is it blue? Is it green? Is it red? (and so on through all the colors she knows)

Watcha gonna do with all that van?
Watcha gonna do with all that van?

Gonna take my friends to the WalMart
Gonna take my Mom to the WalMart
Gonna take Marin to the WalMart
((and on and on naming all the family members and friends she can think of))

Buy an ice cream cone there. Yum Yum Yum.

By this time we were pulling into the garage, so she wrapped it up. Now I kinda wish I'd just kept driving in circles to see how far she could have taken this song. Emmy is just too funny.