Friday, April 13, 2007

Bottoms up baby

Meron recently became obsessed with her bottom. Maybe because she was always standing where she should not be (table, sofa, bed, chairs, vanity, bath tub) and I am always saying "On your bottom."

Anyway, we're doing out morning bath routine and she suddenly flips over on her belly and says "Bottom, daddy".

I said "Yes, there is your bottom.

She said "Daddy, Gella Meron bottom" (wash my bottom)

I splashed a little warm water on it thinking that would do the trick.

"No, daddy. Soap."

So I rubbed the bar of soap on her bottom for a second.

"Yes, Daddy. With cloth" She wanted me to use a facecloth, too.

I end up washing her bottom for like 5 minutes. All the while Emma is watching, and as soon as I finish Meron, Emma flops on her belly, looks up at me, and says "Daddy, bottom."

So now I am chief cook and bottom washer.

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