Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweet Mammaries

Yesterday Emmy woke up a little prematurely, but too close to wake up time for us to try to get her back to sleep. So we let her into our bed for a few minutes and then she lay on the bathroom rug wrapped in her blanket while Colleen showered.

When Colleen finished and opened the shower curtain, Emmy just stared at her bug eyed. She had never seen Colleen naked before. She pointed at Colleen's breasts and asked "What is that?" While Colleen was stalling for time thinking of an answer, Emmy pipes in "Baby crying. Yummy."

A few minutes later, I was in my closet in my underwear looking for pants. Emmy walks in, latches on to my package with both hands, and pinches with all her strength. "Daddy. What is that? What is that?" I saw every star in the galaxy, sucked in my breath, and quickly reached down to pull her wrists away. Emmy asks in her sweet little angelic voice "Hurt Daddy? Bleeding? Band Aid?"

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