Friday, July 6, 2007

Holy Wars

This is another post about the mealtime prayer.

Marin and Emmy are really good about including their friends from school in their prayer. Marin's key friends include Kate, Carla, Brady, Tanner, and Coltrane.
Emmy's key friends include Kristin, Megan, Shelby, Holden, and Teegan.

When Emmy wants to push Marin's buttons, she will interrupt the prayer and name some of Marin's friends, which puts Marin directly into meltdown. "No....he's my Coltrane....sob, sob, sob". And Emmy just sits there with this devilish look of satisfaction on her face.

Marin finally learned to turn the tables. Upon completion of her meltdown, she starts saying the prayer and names Emmy's friends, which puts Emmy directly into meltdown. "Don't do Megan....sob, sob, Holden"

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