Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tooth Fairy Banned!

Ever since the tooth fairy came, Marin has not slept well. When we asked her why she said she is afraid of the tooth fairy. We told her how nice and gentle and kind fairys are. Didn't matter. The thought of someone or something sneaking around her while she slept terrified her. We are curious as to whether some experience in Ethiopia causes her to feel this way.

Finally we asked Marin what she wants us to do. She said she wants to tell the tooth fairy to never come here again. Marin wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, put a stamp on it, and asked me to mail it.

"Dear Tooth Fairy. Please don't come to my house again ever. Thank you very much. Marin"

She wrote the letter two days ago and has slept soundly since.

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