Monday, September 28, 2009


Marin is getting very philosophical lately. Always asking about death and heaven and God. Is this normal for a seven year old? This morning at breakfast.....................

Marin: Daddy, tell me all the things you think about God.

Me: Why?

Marin: Because I really want to meet her. (her?? where is that coming from!?)

Me: Why?

Marin: I want to ask her why I was born in Africa and why did she let my Africa Mommy and Daddy die and why do I live with you now and how did you know about me to want to be my Daddy.

Me: Is there anything else you want to ask her?

Marin: I want to know how far I am from heaven.

OK, anyone out there want to take a shot at these questions?

Fast forward, I have dropped Marin off at school and driving to work, radio blasting. And this song on the radio is playing............

Tell me all your thoughts on God
Cause I really want to meet her
And ask her why we're who we are
Tell me all your thoughts on God
Cause I'm on my way to see her
To ask her am I very far. Am I very far now?

Holy crap. Once it clicked with me what these lyrcis were saying, I almost drove off the road. What are the chances that this is a coincidence? What does this message mean? How spooky. Even tonight it gives me goosebumps thinking about this.


kristine said...

Leo, it is completely normal at that age to have big questions about god no matter what the background of the child.

we get god questions all the time and have for a while. i think it is curious to children when they hear there is a 'person' more powerful and all-knowing than their parents. mind-blowing really. i think it's more rational and about getting questions answered. like you can't tell me why i'm brown and your creamy - let's ask god and while we're at it if you can't tell me why some moms die and others don't let's ask god. especially lets ask god if he is planning on taking you up to heaven like he did my first mom.

we've gotten from our son already - what if you die - will i be an orphan? can we write to god and tell him it's a bad idea?

Shannon- said...

WHOA!!! I too would have driven off the road.

Liz said...

Any chance Marin had heard the song before you and that's where she got her questions from? If not, I agree - spooky!

phillycabbage said...

Some of these curious questions are normal. However, Marin sounds like she has an unusual heightened sense of mortality and curiousity about God's role in everything. Most importantly she needs to know that God loves her above all and protects her constantly. God definitely brought you and Colleen into their lives to show them love.