Friday, November 13, 2009


Marin had a day off from school last week, so we left her with a dear friend and her high school daughter for the day. Marin cornered the daughter, thinking the mother was out of earshot, and began - ummmm - interviewing her.

Marin: Do you have a boyfriend?
Megan: Yes.
Marin: What's his name?
Megan: Seth. You met him before.
Marin: Oh yeah, Seth. He's cute. Do you kiss him?
Megan: Sometimes, a little.
Marin: Do you kiss him on the lips?
Megan: Marin!!
Marin: OK, OK, sorry, sorry. Do you kiss him in front of other people?
Megan: No
Marin: Only in privacy, right?
Megan: Yes.
Marin: Do you stick your tongue out when you kiss him? Like this. (demonstrates with a french kiss into the air, complete with eyes closed and moaning soundtrack)
Megan: Marin, I am not answering any more questions. Where did you learn about this stuff?
Marin: I watched my cousin do kissing with her boyfriend. But she is in college now.

That clinches it. I am locking her in the attic.

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