Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa's Village

Last weekend we took the family to Santa's Village ( to get into the Christmas spirit. I am writing because our girls were so well behaved I want to tell the world.

First, it was a very long day for us. We drove 2.5 hours to get to the place, then there was a long line to get in and a large crowd inside. Kids were melting down all around us. After a few hours of waiting in lines and listening to kids throw tantrums and scream for this that and the other thing, it dawned on me that our kids were behaving wonderfully.

They lasted until the 7pm closing time and then were very well behaved on the car ride home. After putting the kids to bed, Colleen and I talked about how lucky we are our kids behaved so well and how that really added to making a special day even more special.

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JeffersonInn said...

Nice to hear about well behaved kids, but intstead of driving 2.5 hrs each way you could have spent a night at our family friendly B&B the Jefferson Inn. We are 1 mile from Santa's village have animals and love kids.