Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Emnet Combat

She's only two and a half years old, but the girl is brutal. I've seen her in action and it looked like she can inflict pain, but last night I was the victim.

While I was sitting, Emmy casually walked up beside me and blasted the heel of her hand under my jaw while yelling "Chin up!" It totally caught me by surprise. You just don't expect such violent power, decisiveness, and coordination from a little girl. Just as I was about to scold her, she seized the palm of my hand and pinched the fleshy part. She has these tiny razor sharp nails so I saw every star in the galaxy as I screamed. She smiled sweetly when I screamed and looked around to see if anyone else was enjoying it as much as she was. When I grabbed her wrist to pull her away, she punched me in the crotch with her other hand. I swear to God it was like fighting a Ninja. She anticipated my every move and had a very well placed counter move already in motion. Colleen was just howling with laughter. Meron had this look of amused disbelief on her face. Something like "Wow. I wonder if I could do that?"

I pity the first kid at school who steals Emmy's lunch. I'll probably have to defend her against manslaughter charges.

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Nancy said...

I LOVE your blog! Thank you for posting these little vignettes. We are having our own with Tizita & Fekadu, but you are a *master* with communicating them. Thank you! And best wishes to you all.
-Nancy in Seattle