Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meron's schooyard accident

I pick up Meron after daycare. She is in a corner of the playground all ashen and withdrawn. As I approach her, she begins to cry. Real waterworks. Turns out she had tripped and skinned her knee and was feeling very bad about it. I gave her some love, got her pepped up, and buckled her in the car for the ride home.

I got on the cell and gave Colleen the heads up. Meron was great in the back seat. Singing and telling me stories.

As soon as we arrived home, drama queen kicked in. What a show she put on for Colleen! "Mama, hurt, hurt, Bleeding, Bleeding, Don't touch, Don't touch, need icy, need icy" It was Oscar worthy.

The best part is when we asked her to walk from the den to the kitchen for dinner. She said she can't walk, and she started hopping on one foot. She was hopping on the foot of the same leg she had injured!! It was too much. Colleen and I burst out laughing. Meron, realizing the gig was up, got even more upset and started yelling "Not funny! Not funny!"

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