Saturday, January 5, 2008

Always pressing my buttons

Marin has been using the phrases "That's weird" and "You're weird" quite a lot lately. Today I asked her where she learned this and she told me it was Madelyn (a kindergardener).

I asked Marin whether Madelyn calls her weird and Marin said "No Madelyn called Mrs. Whynot (the teacher) weird" . I just looked at her and Marin said "Yes, Daddy. Madelyn called Mrs. Whynot weird and had to go to the Principals office."

I said "Marin, I don't ever want to hear about you going to the Principals office, right?" Marin said "I already did." Of course, I did not believe her and asked her to tell me the story.

Marin said
"All the kids were noisy and playing rough. Mrs. Whynot was getting very very angry. Then Mrs. Whynot said 'Marin. You come to the front of the class right now because you are going to the Principals office.' "

Now I'm thinking "Crap, this sounds for real." and I asked Marin why Mrs. Whynot wanted her to go to the Principals office.

Marin gave me this wise guy grin and said "because I was the only kid sitting quietly and Mrs. Whynot wanted to give me a sticker."

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