Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brown eyed girl

Each night when we put the girls to bed they ask me to tell them a story. The story can be about any wacky abstract thing. Tonight I was asked to tell a story about everybody's (in our family) favorite colour.

Marin has about six of them, and Emmy about eight, and I had to make up a story about each colour.

When it was my turn to talk about my favorite colour, I said "the colour of Mama's eyes", in a lame attempt to make up for a verabl transgression earlier in the evening.

Dead silence. I hear Colleen muffling her laughter in her pillow. Then Marin erupts, flashes me the angriest eyes, and demands "Why not me? Why not my eyes? You not lika me? You hate me Daddy? Why you say Mama's eyes and not my eyes?" There was no consoling her; and believe me, I said every apology I could think of.

And the whole time I hear Emmy in the background, trying to make sense of what just happened, asking "What Daddy say? What's happen? Why Meron crying? What Daddy say?" Which only made Marin even more upset.

I pity the guy who two-times Marin. He may not live.

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