Monday, February 25, 2008


It finally happened. A kid on the school bus has an iPod and Marin wants one for her birthday.

First, a rant. Can anyone explain to me why a first grader needs an iPod? Is he so stressed out that he needs immediate relief anytime anywhere? Is it to pace his 10K runs every other day? Perhaps the world of a 6 yo is so harsh he needs to retreat into his own private space? Parents!!!! Wake up!!! Put the price of that iPod into his 529 plan and have an extra thousand or two for college.

Second, the story. Marin is at dinner last night telling me what she wants for her birthday (which is not til September). "Daddy. I want the box that puts things in my ears and sings to me." I look at Colleen "Huh?". Colleen says "She wants an iPod. A kid on the bus has one."

I said "Marin, why do you want an iPod?"
Marin "No Daddy. Not want it. Need it." (Dear God, its a question of survival now)
I asked "Marin, when would you use an iPod."
Marin, matter of factly, "On Tuesday and Friday" (very convincing)
I asked what songs her iPod will sing
Marin "ABCD, and Santa Claus songs and Life is a Highway"

Now it occurs to me that what I was viewing as playful chit chat, has turned into a dogged negotiation for Marin. She believes she's scoring major debate points and is about to close the sale on this thing. Thank God for Colleen, sensing the rising tension, she breaks the impasse with a chocolate chip cookie diversion.

Let this be a lesson to us. Do not underestimate the negotiation skills and determination of your child, even if she is really young and English is not her native tongue.

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