Monday, February 11, 2008

A rare moment of candor

Our kids, like most kids, are at their slowest when we are most pressed for time. Colleen lets the kids know we are unhappy by pointing out they are 'dilly dallying'.

Dilly Dally is an olympic sport at bedtime. Just as we get the kids tucked in they need to go potty, or they're thirsty or hungry, too hot or too cold, or they want to read a book or tell us a story, they want to feed the cats or call a relative on the phone. The list goes on and on. Our standard reply is "No More Dilly Dally".

The other night we just get the lights turned out and Emmy sits in bed and says "Mama. I need some dilly dally water." We both bit our tongues to stop from laughing.

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