Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still missing Mama

Tonight it took us almost 3 hours to get Emmy to sleep. Turns out one of her little girlfriends in preschool, Kiera, was adopted by her Grandmother today. I don't know the back story of why that happened, but it set Emmy off.

Emmy was sad for Kiera that Kiera's Mommy was not able to take care of her anymore. And the more she thought about it, Emmy became sad that her own mother was not able to take care of Emmy anymore. Then Emmy started fretting about what would life be like if something were to happen to her new American mother. She was inconsolable. It was hard.

Just like Marin the other night when something out of the ordinary catalyzes this chain of thoughts that cascade out of control.


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mamatammy said...

It is so hard when these moments come up. Luckily Emmy could tell you what was bothering her. My girls had these moments even without the added background of a different country.