Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ants Marching

You know how wet it has been lately. It has caused some big black ants to migrate into our house. I staked out a lot of ant traps over the weekend.

So this morning Marin and I are at the breakfast table and I spied an ant scurrying across the kitchen floor and I stomped on it.

Marin - What was that?

Me - An ant.

Marin - Did you kill him?

Me - Yes

Marin - Are we gonna eat it?

Me - Did you eat bugs in Africa?

Marin - Yes

Me - How did you eat them?

Marin - Cook them in a pan until they go pop like popcorn

Me - Did you like them

Marin - No. They don't taste good inside me.

Me - Then why did you eat them?

Marin - I was hungry.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to the bottom of all her stories. So many divergent situations bring up a memory that takes is down a trail and I learn something new. I just hope I always remember to ask Marin questions instead of shutting down the conversation.

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kristine said...

I have a feeling you will always remember to ask questions. I met a Meron this past week who is about 7 years old and only came to the US 4 weeks ago. I cannot wait until she begins to speak.

I so appreciate your writing.