Saturday, July 25, 2009

Call me Amy

Emmy had a new friend at school, Owen, and he is from Texas.

After playing with him all day, Emmy came home, exasperated, explaining that Owen was calling her "Amy" all day long even though she told him a hundred times her name is Emmy.


Anonymous said...


We're a Euro-American couple based in Germany, are waiting to adopt from Ethiopia, and have been trying to find out what we will have to deal with. The German home study providers (i.e. social services) are painting a very grim picture, and are doing everythnig in their power to discourage us from adopting siblings.

Your blog is the best thing we've been able to find in that department! (not to mention the entertainment we've derived from it...)

We have learned a ton reading each and every post, and would LOVE to ask a few questions. Would that be ok?


Leo said...
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