Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Brilliant Idea

Read "all my gold for a photo" two posts ago.

One blog reader suggested we could contact a police sketch artist to draw the African parents based on how our girls described the parents. Great idea that we took one step further.

We contacted the local college of art and asked to speak with a portrait specialist. The Artist agreed to draw a portrait of both parents based on (1) what our girls look like (2) photos of the siblings, newphews, and nieces of the parents (which we have) and (3) descriptions voiced by Marin and Emmy. So, using all three sources of info, the artist will create the portrait of an Ethiopian couple that we will then frame and hang in our home.

Let's hope this works!


Liz said...

Oh that IS a brilliant idea! Good luck with it, I hope it brings some peace to your girls.

kristine said...

oh dear leo and colleen how wonderful and sweet and lovely and right

it will work

i have no doubt

thank you for talking with me the other day

i wrote on my blog what it was like to listen to you over the phone - it was very very moving

thank god for the artists in the world

and for loving parents

Erin Starks said...

This is genius. Pure genius. My husband and I have been talking about adopting from Ethiopia, and I stumbled on your blog a while ago while searching the web for information. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep up the good work.