Monday, August 17, 2009

All my gold for a photo

Emmy cried herself to sleep last night. She said she wished her African mommy could visit her and see how much she has grown and what a good girl she is. She asked if her African Mommy could visit from heaven for just a few minutes and then go back before anyone knew she was missing.

Finally, we got to the bottom of why Emmy was so upset. She has forgotten what her mother looks like. Because her mother passed away before we travelled to Ethiopia, we do not have a photo of the mother. Poor Emmy. Her wailing was so pitiful. She felt so guilty because she has forgotten what her mother looks like.


Corinne said...

Poor Emmy love.

kristine said...

sweet little girl

what a burden

it's not the same - not like a photo - but her mother's face is in hers

not enough for a little girl though i have a feeling