Friday, April 23, 2010

Is that you, Uncle Jim??

So there we are, watching the Celts in the process of stealing game three in Miami. Every time Jeff Van Gundy says Glen 'big baby' Davis, the kids roll on the floor laughing and ask me "What's big baby's number again, Daddy?" Eleven. "Oh, yeah, a waaahhh and a waaaahh, big baby". Giggling their heads off.

Anyway, they cut to Rick Pitino (former Celtics coach) in the audience and they interview him for about 60 seconds. Suddenly, Emmy and Marin are motionless, silent, watching intently. Finally Emmy asks "Why is Uncle Jim not wearing his glasses?"

I'm thinking "What??!!??" Then I look at the TV again, and Pitino does look like Colleen's brother Jim, but with a few more wrinkles. Colleen starts cracking up. I can't wait to tell Jim about this.


Anonymous said...

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Meliski said...

Just recently found your blog while searching google for someone unrelated. :) We are just beginning our own adoption from Ethiopia. To reference our timeline, we are waiting for an official copy of our home study report.

Anyway, I appreciate your honest words. I think your blog will be a wonderful reference once we bring our own child home!