Friday, August 20, 2010


I was away on business recently and called the kids around bedtime to say goodnight. Emmy was very curious about where I was and what I was doing.

Emmy: Where are you?
Me: In Chicago in my hotel
Emmy: No, exactly where are you? Are you in your bed?
Me: Yes
Emmy: Is you bed bigger than Mama's bed?
Me: Yes
Emmy: Who is with you?
Me: Karen.
Emmy: Do I know her?
Me: No
Emmy: She's with you in Chicago?
Me: Yes.
Emmy: In the same hotel?
Me: Yes
Emmy: (in a hushed secretive tone) Daddy. Does Mama know about this?
Me: Emmy. It's a business trip. Karen is about business.
Emmy: Oh. Goodness. I though you and Mama broked up and you forgot to tell Mama.


Christine said...

She used a secretive tone??! That's hilarious. I'm glad you hadn't broked up.

Shannon- said...

giggle giggle