Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Whistling tunes we're kissing baboons in the jungle

All you Peter Gabriel fans recognize that line.

So here we are in lovely Arba Minch, Ethiopia, enjoying an afternoon siesta in our bungalow. Emmy is on the front porch, humming softly to herself, and enjoying the bright Africa sunshine while Colleen lounges on the bed with the front door open so she can keep an eye on Emmy.

Emmy casually turns to look at her right, leaps to her feet, sprints into the bungalow, slams the door behind her, and braces the door.

Colleen, alarmed now, bolted from bed and asked Emmy what is wrong. Emmy responded, cool as a cucumber "Mommy, get a camera because nobody will believe me."

Colleen looked out the window to see an adult Baboon enjoying fresh flowers from the garden no more than 15 feet from where Emmy had been sitting.

We almost vomited with the thought of what a baboon could have done to little Emmy. We notified the park ranger who told us the reason the baboon did not bother Emmy is because she did not have any food with her. What a miracle, because the kid is always snacking on something.

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Kyle said...

Keep up the good work, checked in a couple of months ago and thought the blog was dead. But you have proven that it was not. Your stories are some of the best, so keep writing and eventually something good will come out of it.