Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Before we left for Ethiopia, Emmy had a lot of congestion and sinus issues. Colleen was using different OTC meds to clear her up before we had to fly.

One night Colleen had given Emmy the usual regimen and then remembered "Oh, yeah! I wanted to try this new one! I'll go get it."

While Colleen was downstairs, Emmy leaped into my arms in a full blown terror panic. "No Daddy. Don't let Mama touch me. I don't want her medicine. Don't let Mama touch me. Promise you won't"

The poor kid was sobbing and trembling. When I finally got her calm enough so she could speak coherently, I asked Emmy why she was so afraid.

"You know why, Daddy. This is just like they did to Micheal Jackson! Too many medicines!"

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