Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We have this really large plate glass window in our breakfast nook that frames a gorgeuous view of our backyard. It's usually the first place I stare at after waking up in the morning.

One morning I go to this window and I see about a dozen pieces of scotch tape stuck to the windows. I look a little more closely and realize that each piece of tape is holding a bug- mostly spider, mosquito or ant. I look at Colleen and asked her what is going on. She replies "Reap what you sow."

Then I remembered, last spring we had a lot of ticks in the yard. Ticks are hard to kill, and I read somewhere the best way to disable a tick is touch to touch it with a piece of tape and fold the tape back on itself, immobilizing the tick inside. Apparently the girls thought this trick applied to all bugs.

The most fascinating thing about this is little Emmy having the dexterity, as a 2 year old, to capture a bug between a piece of tape.

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