Thursday, September 6, 2007

I cannot tell a lie

One family guideline we try to enforce is nobody leaves the dinner table until dinner is over. So one night Emmy is just dilly dallying, playing with her food, taking forever, and Marin is complaining that she doesn't like her food. Colleen got fed up and said "OK, we're just gonna sit right here until the kids finish dinner, or bed time comes." I'm thinking "What did you just say, Woman!!!! Are you out of your mind?? You have to consult me before you throw down the gauntlet like that."

A few minutes later, like any good government, Colleen broke the rules she enforced on all of us, and left the table. So Marin looks at me like "Well, now what are you going to do?" I counted Marins hot dog pieces and said "You eat four and I"ll eat four" Marin gave me the thumbs up.

Then I counted Emmy's peas and said "You eat this little pile and I'll eat this big pile" Emmy smiled.

The plates were clean in a minute or two and we all were preparing to leave the table when Colleen returned. Colleen said "Oh, Emmy, you good girl. You ate all your peas!" Marin stayed cool, totally playing the game. Emmy said "No Mama. Daddy do it. Emmy no like peas."

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