Monday, September 10, 2007

Funny looking sink

While at the Docs office, Marin had to go potty. Since it was just she and I, I opted for the Mens room. Snuck her quickly into a stall, did our duty, and headed for the sink to wash hands.

On our way to the sink, Marin spots the urinals and makes a beeline toward them. I asked what she is doing. She grins all proud of herself and says "Wash hands in sink. Little one. I reach it by self."

I intercepted her and explained they are not little sinks.
"What then?"
" Those are pottys for boys"
" I use it?"
"No. Only boys"
"I try it" (begins to pull down pants)
"No Marin. Boys do potty standing up."
" I do it by self"
"No Marin, only for boys."
"Really? You boy daddy. You show me."

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