Monday, November 19, 2007


People who know us know that we are trying to low key most things so our kids do not get caught up in typical American consumerism. Our kids are so grateful and appreciative of even the smallest gestures, and we want to preserve that for as long as possible.

So we explained Halloween is a day when we dress up in costumes and have a party at Cousin Pete's house. Party was Sat 10/28. Pack the costumes away. Done deal. (ahem.....wrong)

I picked Marin up from school on Oct 31. She bops in the car, all smiles, and says "Daddy. Trick or Treating?"

ME: (thinking she is just parroting and not really knowing what she is sayin) What is that?
MARIN: You know. Go to house, ring door, say trick or treat, give me candy.
ME: (under my breath) crap. she knows.

So I Colleen on the phone and say "She knows". Colleen says "Emmy knows, too." I said "damage control." Colleen says "We'll hit 4 places and the kids will think they struck gold."

So that was our Halloween. We had planned to really low key Christmas. You know - focus on food, family, music, and the spirit of Christmas. Now we're bracing ourselves for the Santa express.

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Anna said...

It is so difficult to avoid all the excess- I mean, x mas music before thanksgiving?! I give you credit for trying though :)