Monday, November 19, 2007


People in Maine understand you cannot go outdoors in November without wearing blaze orange. You will be shot by some dumb hunter who thought you were a deer and the dumber jury will say "Victim should have known better" as they acquit the hunter. Happens all the time in Maine.

Saturday Nov 3 comes and the girls want to go outside on the swingset. Leo has plenty of blaze orange, but we had totally forgotten about buying some for the girls. After several moments of fretting, we covered them head to toe in hot pink and hoped for the best.

Now the girls are looking at us like we are wacked. They know Colleen usually puts very strict limits on the amount of hot pink worn at any given time. So Marin finally asks "Daddy. What's happening?"

We explained about guns and being shot. The rifle fire booming off in the distance helped the girls to understand. Now, whenever anybody leaves our house, the girls run to the door and say "Gonna be shoot at?"

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