Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Inquisition

We attended a large family Christmas party a few weeks ago and Santa was a surprise guest. After all the children had an opportunity sit on his lap and pose for photos, Marin and Emmy approached him.

They just stood there, staring, jaws agape. Then the questions.....................

  • Where is Rudolph?
  • What do you feed him?
  • How does he stay warm?
  • How does his nose get red?
  • Does he need batteries?
  • Where is Mrs. Claus?
  • Why is she not here right now?
  • Are you nice to her?
  • Do you remember when you saved Frosty from the bad magician? I saw that on TV.
  • Why are you not green like the mean Santa (the Grinch).

and on and on and on

It was hilarious. The kids were dead serious. And Santa started looking around for help like one of those felons on Cops or something. Marin and Emmy are getting ready for a career in journalism on 60 Minutes.

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