Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas morning

Marin calls to us from her bed. When we go in to see her, she just turns over and closes her eyes as if to fall back to sleep.

Colleen and I look at each other like "Wow, did she forget this is Christmas?"!

Then Marin, eyes still closed, asks "Did Santa leave us presents last night?"

US "Yes"

Marin "But he didn't come in the house, right?"

US "Right, Marin, he stayed out in the cold living room

(We call the family room over the garage the cold living room because we heat it only from Thanksgiving to Christmas and, otherwise, close it off and shut it down. Our kids are still terrified of any strangers coming into our house. From what they tell us, they had some bad experiences with intruders beating their families in Ethiopia.)

Marin "Are you sure Santa did not come in our house? He scares me."

US "Marin, we promise, Santa and all the elves stayed out in the cold living room."

Marin breaks into this wide grin, wakes up Emmy, and we all head downstairs to the cold living room to unwrap presents.

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