Friday, October 24, 2008

I can handle stuff

Tonight I took Marin and Emmy to the town Halloween party. There are about 400 kids all running around in the dark with flashlights looking for candy, then we retire to the library for cookies and cider. It's fun. Emmy was dressed as Elmo, and she got a lot of comments. Marin was dressed as an angel with wings and a halo, but in a long cleopatra robe. It really worked for her. Now to the point of the story.

As we were leaving the library, Marin looks ahead of us as exclaims "Look! That's the girl that's mean to me on the monkeybars at recess." I ask Marin to calm down and tell me her name. "I don't know her name, but that's her dressed like a cheerleader. We have to get her now!" And Marin charges off into the darkness to chase this cheerleader and her mother.

I finally catch up just as Marin is beginning to engage the mean girl. Marin says "I know you. You cut in line on the monkeybars. That's not nice." And the girl looks at Marin as if to say "What are you a freaking stalker jumping me in the dark in a halloween costume?"

So Marin marches right up to the Mother and says "This girl here is mean at recess. She cuts in front of people on the monkey bars." And the mother said "Oh, that's not OK." And Marin says "I really mean it. I'm telling you the truth." And the mother said "OK, I'll speak with her about it. Thank you for telling me."

At this point I pull Marin away, we go to the car, and drive home.

Now Marin is in the kitchen telling Colleen this story and Colleen looks at me like "Dear God Did this really happen?" I told her it did, almost exactly like Marin said it did. And Marin is sitting there looking all proud of herself for righting one of the worlds greatest wrongs.

Then Marin says, very confidently, "I know how to handle stuff!" Do you suppose Michele Obama was like this at age six?

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