Friday, October 17, 2008


Last night Marin was really sad at bedtime. I asked her why. She said she missed her Africa Mommy and she started crying. Whenever this happens, we tell Marin her mother is safe in heaven with Jesus. And Marin usually asks us how we know that for sure.

So last night I asked Marin if she wanted to say a prayer to Jesus for her mother.

"Dear Jesus. Please keep my Africa Mommy safe. Give her a cozy bed, and healthy food, and she is not thirsty. If she is sick, you give her medicine and a doctor. And give her pretty hair and pretty clothes and make her happy all the time. Amen. "

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kristine said...

Thank you for sharing your lives. I learn so much from your posts. This past little group, the prayers and the questions and the song about being dirty - all of it - just stretches my heart until I think it is going to burst.

Your girls are truly spectacular.