Thursday, October 9, 2008

Popping the question

Marin and I were chatting about our day and she pipes in with "How can I make a baby?" Not "Where do babies come from?" or "How do people make babies?" but specifically "How can I make a baby?"

I mean, for crying out loud, she just turned six years old last month! So I gathered my thoughts and we had the talk - and I told her the truth.

"Marin, these are all the things you have to do to make a baby, and they have to go in this order. No cutting the line."

First, you have to graduate from college. Nobody can make babies until college is over.

Next, you have to find a boy you love too much, and he loves you even more. He's kind to you and he respects you. You have to look a long time.

When you find that boy, then you marry him. Nobody can make babies until they are married.

Finally, you have to kiss the boy you married. That's it. If you do these four things, in that order, then you can make a baby.

Marin was on board until I got to the 'kissing the boy' part. She turned up her nose a little at that and asked why that step is necessary.

Aye aye aye. Mom is having the next talk.

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