Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This week is the second anniversary of our going to Addis to get the girls. I asked Marin if she remembered meeting us for the first time. She smiled and said "Yes. I remember that." So I asked her to tell me about it.

Marin said "I thought Mama was beautiful."


"Because she has yellow hair. No Mamas in Africa have yellow hair. Mama looks like an Angel to me."

"What about Daddy?"

"I wasn't sure who was my Daddy"

"Marin, you didn't know it was me?"

"No, it might be that guy with all the hair on his face." (we brought my cousin Pete, who had a beard at the time, and Marin was not sure which guy was Dad)

"So, Marin, what did you and Lidet and Abaynesh say about us after we left?"

"We thought it was so weird. Which one is the Daddy? We don't know! We just laughed and laughed and laughed. Then someone said Marin has two Daddies. Marin has two Daddies. And they make a big joke about it."

It just cracks me up to think here are these two poor little kids, half starved, about to be moved half way around the world, and they're making jokes in their bunk room about having two Daddies. Kids are pretty resilient.


phillycabbage said...

How lucky are these two girls to have you as their DAD!

Nick, Holly and Maren said...

Happy Anniversary! We just had the same anniv in January. Hard to believe our 3 yr old has been with us now twice as long as she wasn't with us....