Sunday, February 8, 2009

How do you answer these questions?

Emmy and I were driving to her gymnastics class and, out of the clear blue sky, Emmy asks me why the name on Marins adoption and transit papers say 'Marin LDT.

First, Emmy's only 4 years old, so how the heck does she know that? And second, what is spinning in her brain that she would ask such a question?

So I explained to Emmy about flying on the airplane from Africa to America, the people on the airplane want to know who Marin's daddy is. We decided to call Marin "Marin LDT" so all the airplane people will know.

Then Emmy asks "Why not the name of my real Daddy, ASFL? Why not say Marin ASFLand Emmy ASFL?" The kid has a ridiculous memory. She was only about a year old when her father died. Emmy remembers her Mothers' name, too, and she never even knew her Mother who died when Emmy was a newborn.

Anyway, so I had to go back to the beginning. I asked Emmy if she remembers that ASFL and KD died. She said yes, then she asked why they died. I told her that Africa does not have enough doctors and not enough medicine, so if someone gets sick in Africa they might die because they have no medicine. Emmy got totally somber and said "That's really not fair Daddy. Africa people need doctors and medicine, too, you know. And food, Daddy. Africa people are always too hungry. Only eat food one time a day. That's not fair."

Holy cow. I can't believe the stuff she comes out with. I can't believe how well developed her sense of injustice is. Emmy was only two years old when we adopted her. For American kids that age injustice means they had to drink apple juice instead of soda.


Corinne said...

Hi, I'm new to reading your blog, but enjoy it. This post gets to the heart of the issue, and it is just like a child to get us there. We adopted our daugter last year when she was 27 months, we've had several conversations but nothing this deep, yet. Thank you for sharing. Corinne

kristine said...

Leo, I love your blog! Your girls are amazing - truly and a delight to read about.

Thank you for sharing their story, the wonder and the horror.

I learn something every time I stop by.