Thursday, February 26, 2009

Emmy the Button Pusher

St Josephs College, a small D3 school with a great basketball program is only about 15 mins drive from our house. I love going there to watch hoops up close, and tonight they hosted the semi-final game of their conference tourney.

We took our usual seats in the front row on the corner where the players come in for their introductions. But tonight there was this supersize student all dressed in Royal Blue who decided to be the designated cheerleader right in front of us. He blocked 2/3 of the court when he stood still - but he jumped around so much he basically blocked the whole court. Emmy and Marin were after me to yell at him, but I held off figuring he was just excited and would sit down as soon as the game began. I was wrong.

I asked him a couple of times to please sit down so we (my whole section) could see the game. He looked at us like we were interrupting his private show. Finally, the kids and I got up and climbed about 5 rows higher so we could see over him. And this is when Emmy got her revenge.

Emmy went down to floor level and started running around the sideline. She had on thick winter pants so she would run and then slide on her knees on the hardwood. She started sliding right into this huge guys feet, then looking up at him with a wide grin and saying "sorry". But she kept doing it and doing it so he couldn't jump for fear of stepping on her. Then the guy started getting mad and looking around for Emmy's parents. I just sat there. Emmy says to him, smiling sweetly the entire time "Why are you so angry? It's just an accident. You don't be mean to me. You are a bully." Then all this guys friends started busting on him "Yeah, dude. Why are you so angry? She's just a little kid trying to enjoy the game too. Don't be a bully"

It was classic Emmy. Only she could get this idiot to finally sit down so the rest of us could watch the game.

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