Friday, January 19, 2007

Chat Rooms Ablaze

We depart for Addis in only two weeks, and the chat rooms are afire with activity. Who is going? when? what flights?

Are you going to your childrens birth village, when, what village, who is your driver?

What are you bringing for your children? clothes? prescripts? papers?

What are you bringing for gifts for the Nannies?

Are you staying at the guest house? Hilton? Sheraton?

Advice from people who have already been and requests from people who have not yet gone (will you take a picture of my child? will you deliver a toy from me? or a blanket?)

I swear, it could consume all 24 hours a day monitoring this traffic if we allow it to.

Nobody has asked the most important question, which is, how are we going to watch the SuperBowl? And how are we going to get pizza delivered? Especially when kickoff is 4AM Monday East Africa Time?

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