Thursday, January 11, 2007

Notice of Travel Dates

We are group #33. 5 families adopting 9 children. We leave the US not later than Feb 2 and arrive back in the US not earlier than Feb 10. We're kind of comatose, but a happy comatose. It's really happening and fast.

Leo was in Tennessee when we learned. So he began showing pictures of the girls to all his work colleagues. One evening the workgroup toasted our adoption with a round of Rolling Rocks (33 on the label). Turns out several colleagues have adopted children, so we got some good pointers from those conversations. Perhaps the most poignant advice was carefully watching the children at meal time to prevent them from eating chicken bones, pork bones, and eggshells. Food is so scarce in some parts of Ethiopia that children are raised to eat everything that is remotely edible. It will take some time for them to adjust their mindset to one of plentifulness.

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