Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Important Dates

While she thinks of it, proud Mama wants to record all the milestones leading up to where we are today.
--October 24, 2004 attended our first information meeting on Gram and Grampa's 48th wedding anniversary.
--July 23, 2005 mailed in our application on Dad's 44th birthday.
--December 2005 completed our home study
--July 3, 2006 Dad moved to Maine, followed by Mom on September 3, 2006
--July 23, 2006 dossier accepted on Dad's 45th birthday
--September 2006, Maine home study completed.
--November 27, 2006, saw our first pictures of M and E.
--December 3, 2006, accepted offer to adopt M and E.

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