Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Shots and Scripts and Travel Partners

Today we had our final round of immunizations - meningitis and Hep B. Most everything else was covered for our Tanzania trip a few months ago (see And we picked up another course of Cipro and anti-malarials.

Now we're just waiting on a travel date. Good news is cousin Pete is 100% confirmed to join our journey to Addis to adopt M and E. Pete received his passport today and has scheduled his immunizations for later this week.

We badly wanted a family member to travel with us to share the experience, to bond with the girls, and to help us interpret their history and explain it to the rest of our family. Our previous journeys to Africa taught us that we are incapable of thoroughly explaining what we see and feel to someone who has never been there. Quite frankly, we are surprised it is Pete who is joining us. We had envisioned it being an Aunt or adult female cousin.

Pete and Leo grew closer these past few months from working out together at the gym, and Pete initiated the idea of traveling with us. His enthusiasm and genuine interest, and our observations of how positively he Fathers his own two daughters, won us over. We are also very excited about introducing Pete to an experience unlike any other he has ever had. To our knowledge, Pete has never traveled outside North America and has never been to an orphanage. This will be an unforgettable journey for all of us, but especially for Pete.

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