Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Members of Travel Group 33

I think Colleen and I are going to be called Grams and Gramps with this crew. I can tell because some of them use their date or year of birth in their email addresses. You know, like ibootyliscious1982@yoohoo.com or sixpackabs1984@yeehaa.com Puhleeeez.

Helen and Jeff live in Ohio. They are adopting sibling brothers ages 1 and 2.

Scott and Michele live in Long Island, NY. They are adopting a son who will celebrate his first birthday while we all are in Addis. Hmmm. Remind me to get him a Red Sox cap as a gift to ward off any predisposition to the Yankees.

Tim and Alicia live in Colorado. They are adopting siblings (I think brothers because they already have daughters).

Jeff and Meg live in the Red Sox Nation of New Hampshire. They are adopting sibling sisters ages 3 and 5. Hey, they'll be in the big kids house with us, and they only live an hour away! This could be the start of something lasting.

Bringing up the rear in our wheelchairs, yup, me and Colleen. Now don't you be mouthing off there sonny or I'll whap you in the head with me cane.

Unfortunately, it seems none of these families are on the same outbound flight as we are. Bummer. So what's cool about this group is 4 of the 5 families are adopting sibling pairs. Think about that. That is so kind hearted and, I am told, unusual. I have a good feeling about this group.

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