Monday, August 6, 2007


We picked up this CD over the internet at the recommendation of one the Ethiopia chat room members. It has nice African Reggae rhythms and mostly Amharic lyrics.

Yesterday I played the CD while driving with the kids in the back seat. When I looked in the rearview, they were laughing and dancing and singing (not unusual). Then I listened more closely, and realized they knew the words to the song. I was stunned.

I asked Meron how she knows this song and she replied "I know it from my house".
I asked if she meant the orphanage and she replied "No Daddy, from my house."
I asked if she means the house before Americani and she replied "Yes Daddy, that my house".
And she went back to singing and bopping in her seat.

Colleen and I got all emotional. This is the first time Meron has indicated recollection of anything in her life prior to the orphanage. We had often showed her photos and video of her relatives, her home, her neighborhood, and her neighbors and she never indicated recognition. Most of the time she said "Mandayo?" (what is that?)

Now we're on the internet looking for music that might be played in rural Ethiopia in an effort to open up more of Meron's memory.

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