Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Meron Klepto

The other day we got these fake credit cards in the mail as a teaser to apply for a card (like the 16 we already have are not enough).

Anyway, I decided to give them to the girls for use as props when they play with their toy cash register. They were psyched. Emmy put her card in her front pants pocket and buttoned the flap.

About 10 minutes later Meron asks "Where Emmy card?"
Emmy said "Right dere" and pointed to her pocket.
Meron said "No. It's not"

Now I'm curious, as I watch Emmy unbutton her pocket, and she looks at me with horror when she discovers her pocket is empty.

Then Meron reaches into her own pocket, pulls out Emmy's card, and looks at us as if to say "How did this get in my pocket?"

It is more amazing than it sounds because Emmy's pocket was buttoned and I was holding her in my lap most of the time (no, no holes in the pocket). Meron would not tell us how she stole the card. I am putting all my valuables in a safe starting now.

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