Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hanging High

Our garage is under the house, and we leave the cars outside because the garage is full of stuff waiting to be unpacked.

One morning, I took the girls down to the garage and pushed the button to open the garage door so we could go outside to the car. Just as I pushed the button, I remembered I left my cell phone upstairs. I dashed upstairs to get it, and returned in less than 20 seconds.

Apparently, Emmy had run to the garage door and grabbed the handle on the lower edge as the door was rising, and it carried her up to the ceiling. When I saw her, Emmy was dangling about 4 feet off the ground and whimpering "daddy, Daddy, help me".

Meron was standing directly under Emmy, looking straight up, and with this dumbstruck look on her face like "How the heck did that happen?" Then Meron started jumping up trying to grab Emmy's ankles to pull her down. Of course, I dashed across the garage and rescued Emmy.

After I got over the horror of what might have happened had I not hurried back downstairs, I was just cracking up at how funny Emmy looked hanging from the ceiling silhouetted against the outside sunlight.

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