Sunday, August 26, 2007

Emmy singer songwriter

Music must have been a big part of our kids lives. They are always singing to themselves. They have work chants, play chants, put themselves to sleep chants, everything. It is enchanting to listen to them.

Emmy is beginning to turn her songs into English. On the ride to preschool last week, Emmy sang a song to all the mothers of all her school friends. It went like this............

Holden's Momma. Holden's Momma. Holden's Momma.
Have a good today.

Shelby's Momma. Shelby's Momma. Shelby's Momma.
Have a good today.

Teegan's Momma. Teegan's Momma. Teegan's Momma.
Have a good today.

And so on down through the roster of her classmates.

It's interesting how they get the English almost right, but just wrong enough so you know it is their second language. On the other hand, that is part of the charm of listening to them, and sometimes the mistakes make for a better rhyme or rhythym than correct English does.


Nancy said...

Hi Leo, I still love reading your posts, and seeing the similarities between our experiences with Tizita and your girls. Scary to think that Meron may have witnessed her father's murder. Tizita has talked about her birth family almost daily until a few weeks ago, and now seems to be forgetting, rather than remembering. Trying to find creative ways to probe gently and keep the memories alive now that she has the language to really express them. Hope to see you all someday.

Leo said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for reading. I logged on to your blog. You really do a nice job with all the photos.

If memory serves me, you have connections to Maine, right? I sure hope you will contact us if you visit. You are welcome to be guests at our lake house on Sebago.