Monday, June 23, 2008

Bleeding Heart

Marin started a summer rec program to which the ice cream truck comes every Friday. No way am I shelling out $4 for a 50 cent treat that will melt before Marin eats even half of it. Parents have to take a stand on crap like this. I asked one of the counselors if there is a freezer and could I bring a treat for Marin every Friday. She said there is and I can. Perfect.

To digress a second - Emmy's school had arranged to have the ice cream truck visit weekly but the parents protested so loudly that the school cancelled the visit.

Back to Marin. I went to the grocery store and bought Marin a box of 8 prefilled cones (drumsticks, I think) for $2.50. I explained to her that all the other kids would be paying a lot of money for a treat from the treat truck tomorrow, but Marin's treat will be in the freezer for her, and we are doing this so she can afford to go to college.

Friday comes. Put a treat in the freezer at school. Remind Marin and teacher it is there. Mission accomplished.

Pick up Marin in the evening. Marin is quiet and sad. I asked her if she enjoyed her treat. She did. Did the other kids enjoy their treats? Yes, they did. Then why are you so sad?

Answer..... "I'm sad because all my friends at school won't be able to go to college because they spend too much money at the ice cream truck." I mean, is this kid too good to be true, or what? She is such a sweetheart.

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