Saturday, June 21, 2008


About a week ago, Marin started telling us about her bus ride from her village of Shebedino to Horizon House. She said Marin and Emmy were way in the back of the van crying the whole way. Solomon was the driver, and Abaynesh and Lidet were in the front.

I immediately called Meg (mom of Abaynesh and Lidet) and asked if Lidet had ever spoken about this. Meg said oh no no. She knew all about her girls story and it did not involve Marin and Emmy.

A couple of nights ago Meg called back and told me she was mistaken, that she actually asked Lidet whether anyone else was in the van with her and Solomon and Lidet said "Yes, Marin and Emmy rode way in the back and I was in front. Abaynesh was in the middle."

It's amazing how this one little piece of information puts so many memories into context. For example:

- Why did Emmy and Lidet share the same room with Abaynesh and Lidet at HH
- Why, at HH, was Lidet always hugging Emmy
- Why, when we came to America, our kids were always pointing to the photos of Lidet and Abaynesh.

I so wish I had known this information when I was in Ethiopia. I would have grilled Solomon about the pick up in the village and the ride to Addis. I would have asked him to take us to Shebedino instead of (or in addition to) the Aunts house in Awassa. Our kids are true orphans, so much of the family information is lost. People in the village could have helped fill in the pieces.

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