Monday, June 9, 2008


Poor Emmy. She was strapped into her car seat just singing away having a great time. Old McDonald, Twinkle Little Star, the 12 Days of Christmas - all her favorites just belting out at the top of lungs.

Suddenly, in the middle of an Old McDonald verse, she just burst into tears. Wails and wails of tears. When she finally composed herself, between sobs, she began asking questions.

"In Africa, why nobody take care of me?"
Why nobody feed me?
My belly was hungry.
That hurt my feelings.
It's not fair.
Before Ababa Cakos (that's what she calls the Director of the Orphanage) take me, I was too hungry.
That make me so sad."

In 16 months, this is the first time Emmy has done anything like this. Colleen and I looked at each other like "Where did this come from?" and "God forbid, what is this a harbinger of?"


Katy said...

Oh Leo, that make ME so sad. I love your blog and look forward to your posts. I guess its a good thing for her to want to talk about what she's been through. I think its great she wants to talk to you guys about it. I hope she's feeing better.

Anna said...

this was heart breaking to read...gave me tiny shivers...thank you for sharing...